Custom components developed in house

Custom Tools

With over 20 years of combined Media IT expertise, CineSys-Oceana has specialists to analyze your needs and create a solution tailored to you. Below is a list of some of the custom components we have developed in house.


Cingest is an innovative file management solution for use with Cantemo Portal and Vidispine. It uses metadata and a per site schema to place original content in a specified location, so that it can be accessed directly by apps on the SAN. Files added to the database are checked for their metadata, such as Department and Year, and filed appropriately. Changing the metadata provides users with the ability to move files while maintaining a consistent link to the Database.


CinePlayer is a configurable web player, which is able to use 3D color tables (itx files) to control final display. CinePlayer supports OpenColorIO and a variety of color calibration systems. Other features include pan, zoom, multiple audio sources and full integration with Cantemo Portal and Vidispine.

CineSys Cantemo Portal Integration Tools

The CineServer integration with Cantemo Portal begins with the CineView plugin, which installs directly into portal and enables the CineSys Cantemo Toolset to be used by all portal users. By integrating with the portal's User and Group priviledges, features can be enabled and disabled depending on the user or group of users accessing the app. For example, only users in the group "exporters" might have the ability to request a transcode deliverable.

Help System

The CineSys help system gives a way for facilities to publish and make available documents and videos through one common interface. The system supports both local file content, as well as any database item content.

Power Tabs for Portal

Having lots of metadata means metadata management needs to be rich and easy to use. Tabs in the CineSys tools allow for quick categorization of metadata, so that editable items can be hidden from view, unless needed.

Metadata Template Editing

Portal provides a strict framework for metadata validation from user input. The CineSys metadata template editor allows users (controlled by permissions) to edit the allowable values for metadata. This may include departments, or adding a new job ID.


Deliverables takes clips from the Vidispine / Cantemo Portal system and transcodes to a requested destination format. It uses both the portal "export" system, as well as Telestream Episode encoders. The interface allows users to see the progress of their job and to cancel or restart a job. By integrating directly with the portal's search and group functions, a selection of clips can be exported with only a couple of clicks.


CineSearch is a module that connects directly to Vidispine and allows for quick editing of metadata, file ingest and viewing of content. CineSearch is a fast way to browse through content, as it uses a lightweight Angular viewing app and all the features of CineServer.


CineServer is a modular application server based on NodeJS and AngularJS. It provides a framework for writing small apps that can be easily configured to run together, or as separate servers. By utilizing directives in Angular it allows for loose dependencies across apps, so that features can easily be enabled or disabled along with the code that provides them.

CineSys Flame Archive Script

Our new browser based Flame archive script that can do the Flame archiving in the background. Read More


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