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Morgridge Institute for Research enhances file management with ClarityNow!

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September 8, 2016 – The Morgridge Institute for Research in Madison, Wis., has selected DataFrameworks ClarityNow! for its innovative file management software. Morgridge Research Leads, or Principal Investigators, have constant challenges associated with managing their research data at large scale. These challenges include visibility and understanding of research data that could be archived, constantly bursting at the seams with regards to managing available disk space, given the pace at which instruments and researchers can generate data. The challenges are compounded as the data is distributed across three different storage architectures: Gluster, Windows File Shares and NFS shares. With the implementation of ClarityNow!, Morgridge can provide Principal Investigators and IT Liaisons the ability to visualize and generate their own reports without the need to rely on Engineering to generate the required data. Now the Principal Investigators are empowered with the information required to better manage, organize and archive hundreds of terabytes of unstructured research data across their heterogeneous storage infrastructure.

We previously had multiple approaches, which included Robinhood on the Gluster environment and various document management programs. These approaches required too much maintenance and manual interaction, and did not provide a single view of all the data for the Institute encompassing all of our storage repositories. ClarityNow! provides the immediate visibility required by Labs and Principal Investigators.

- Derek Cooper, IT Technical Manager at the Morgridge Institute for Research

Morgridge Institute
The cost of managing complex data and storage infrastructure is increasing at an accelerated pace. ClarityNow! leverages an optimized scanning algorithm and high-speed index to provide near real-time project and user information. This insight gives customers the ability to visualize their data in a logical business structure, allowing them to optimize the cost and management of their data across all storage tiers.

The ClarityNow! software is easy to use and quick to set up and configure. When the Principal Investigators at Morgridge receive requests for reports, they are now able to pull together the data almost instantaneously. The Research Coordinator can do the searches herself and interface directly with the Principal Investigators, without having to open helpdesk tickets and bog down critical Engineering resources. ClarityNow!’s high speed tagging and indexing system enables the ability to view data by Lab, Theme, and user home directory. Reports on common “cleanup” areas are also automatically generated.

The Morgridge Institute had been experiencing problems with the inconsistent naming conventions of files. “Occasionally, users will put unusual ASCII characters in filenames that break some of our scripts that are responsible for reporting disk usage and backing up files. ClarityNow! will help us quickly identify these files and correct the filenames,” said Neil Van Lysel, Infrastructure Support Specialist at Morgridge.

Workflow solutions integrator CineSys-Oceana delivered the ClarityNow! solution to the Morgridge Institute.


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About the Morgridge Institute for Research
The Morgridge Institute works to improve human health by conducting and translating innovative, interdisciplinary biomedical research in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, by leveraging collective strengths in research and education. @Morgridge_Inst

About DataFrameworks
DataFrameworks develops innovative file management software. With its ClarityNow! solution, enterprise users are able to more effectively find, use, and organize files, while enabling IT administrators to manage storage infrastructure, provision storage efficiently, monitor and report on storage use, and effectively make decisions about new infrastructure purchases. #DataFrameworks

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