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Zero % Finance to move to cloud workflows


If you would like to access free money to fund your strategic workflow plans, then CineSys-Oceana and Object Matrix are now offering financing on all MatrixStore hybrid cloud storage packs from as low as zero percent.*

From Aug 1st to Oct 1st 2020

*With approved credit. Terms and conditions apply.

5 ways to use free money in broadcast and media:

  1. To integrate a private or hybrid cloud storage platform so staff can self-serve content from the archive no matter where they are.
  2. To implement Business Continuity so that revenue generation can continue even if access to the office building is stopped.
  3. To modernize infrastructures to support broadcaster requirements (Netflix etc.).
  4. To monetize your archive and share with a global community.
  5. To reduce unpredictable operational costs by replacing, or augmenting LTO archives.

About MatrixStore Private and Hybrid Cloud

MatrixStore is the award-winning media focused private and hybrid cloud storage platform that enables organizations to benefit, financially and operationally, from modernizing video workflows and providing instant access to all media assets. Built upon object based storage technology, MatrixStore provides digital content governance through an integrated and automated storage platform, supporting multiple media based workflows while providing a secure and scalable solution for all your data storage requirements.

Media Focused Hybrid Cloud

A media focused hybrid cloud is designed to meet the challenges faced by organizations creating, ingesting, logging, editing, sharing, distributing and archiving video content. This includes high speed on premise workflows coupled with seamless synchronization of content and metadata. Tight integrations and automated workflows ensure such organizations benefit from operational efficiencies and elastic scale of hybrid environments. Customers also benefit from integrated DR and business continuity provision.

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